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Tale of a Dog!

Sat 17th - Friday 30th April 2021

New Zealand's Peter Wilson gives us a fun-filled slice of circus life with the added flavour of some classic KidzStuff treats.

Did you ever want to run away and join the circus? Well now it's time to let an old dog teach you some new tricks and help him on a journey of discovery to the moon and back.

Dog is a much loved, energetic pooch, full of new ideas and clever tricks to amaze his circus audiences. However the moody ring master is determined to keep Dog tied up to the old ways.

So get out your leads and come for a walk with KidzStuff, on a paw-shaking, belly-scratching, barking-mad tale that is bound to leave you begging for more.

Written by: Peter Wilson

By arrangement with Playmarket

Tale of a Dog was originally commissioned by Capital E National Theatre for Children.

Directed by: Fraser Hooper

Amalia Calder

Starring: David Ladderman

Fergus Aitken

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Badjelly The Witch!

Sat 10th - Friday 23rd July 2021 

Who has Lucy the cow? What are Tim and Rose going to do? Are bald eagles really named Jim? Do Appletrees become policemen? When will we get to the bottom of all of this? Badjelly the Witch has all these answers and more in this wonderful, chaotic, classic tale of silliness and fun.

Packed with quirky characters, big and small, crazy coincidences and we can't forget Badjelly herself. As well as being woven throughout with KidzStuff's awesome tradition of audience interaction, Badjelly is just what you need to stretch those legs and laughing muscles these school holidays.

So get out your broomsticks and come and join Tim and Rose on their quest to find Lucy the cow!

Adapted by: Alannah O'sullivan

From the book by Spike Milligan

By arrangement with Playmarket

Directed By: Hilary Norris


Annica Lewis

Eryn Street

Haydn Carter

Tom Kereama

Bookings closed

Kiwi Courage - Postponed till 2022 due to Covid-19

KidzStuff brings the well known Māori myth of 'How Kiwi lost its wings' to the stage these October holidays.

Kiwi has some wonderful forest friends who love to play games and enjoy being beautiful birds. 'Go home, stay home' is a favourite of the forest.

One day though, Tāne Mahuta walks through the forest. He notices that his children, the trees, are getting sick from all the bugs eating them on the forest floor. He needs the birds' help, but they just want to have fun.

Will anyone help save the trees? Will you get out your wings and show us your bravery by heading on a helpful adventure with KidzStuff these holidays to help us save the trees.

Written By: Amalia Calder

Bookings Closed